The Problem

Direct Impacts

Over the past decade, mass-shooting tragedies have claimed the lives of over 2,300 people.

These events injured over 8,400 people and left a national impact.

Indirect Impacts

Exposure to gun violence causes lasting trauma in young people, leading to PTSD, chronic stress, and decreased future earnings.

Employment per capita in affected areas decreases by about 1% immediately after a successful shooting, and by nearly 2% in the following year.

Since 2014, the number of shooting incidents has been steadily rising.

The Providence System


  • The Providence System seeks to make the world a safer place by enabling quicker, more accurate responses, and eliminating human error in public safety.
  • Powered by cloud-based neural networks and compatible with almost all high-quality surveillance system, Providence aids security teams and provides an additional layer of protection.
  • Human surveillance is enhanced by preventing simple distractions, fatigue, and complex images from delaying critical response.
  • Providence acts to minimize the impact of a shooter who has already initiated an attack.
  • With over 95% accuracy and ~10 ms response time, Providence identifies threats then alerts law enforcement, resulting in faster intervention.

About Us

We believe that the right principles and the right people are essential for the execution of any idea...

Our founder, Shaun Maher, is an alumn of JLM High School. Over the past several years, Shaun successfully developed and brought to market a diverse group of software services and applications under NGT Apps. Most recently, he was involved with the Land Mobile Radio Emulator project commissioned by the National Institute of Standards and Technology at Columbia University's Internet Real-Time Lab, where he prototyped and built much of the system's early software.


Further Information